The below should be used for guidance only.  Please also refer to your applicance manual when washing or drying. 

Helpful Tips: Bras & Sports Bras

  • REST DAY: Let each of your bras rest; one day on, a day or two off will let the elastic in your band and straps last longer.
  • SLOW SPIN: While hand washing is ideal, just keep in mind that the gentler cycle, the better…with little to no spin. For extra protection, place each bra in a lingerie bag-clasped in the back to avoid snagging. (P.S. You should keep them clasped in your drawer, too, for the same reason.)
  • DITCH THE DRYER: Even if your bras are protected inside a lingerie bag, the heat will break down any elastics and can cause dimpling in your padding. We suggest that you shape and lay your bras flat or hang them (not by the Straps, but either over a shower rod or clipped upside down from the Band) to dry.
  • BAN THE BLEACH: The elastic in your Band and Straps simply can't stand up to the effects of chlorine bleach. (A hydrogen peroxide-based alternative is better.)
  • REMOVE THE CUP: Removing your sports bra’s cups when washing it helps it better keep its shape. Hand-wash the cups in cool or warm water and lay them flat to dry

General Washing Tips:

  • Generally, we advise to hand wash or use the hand wash cycle 
  • Avoid Using Fabric Softener Most fabric softeners contain silicone, which can block the tiny pores in the fabric and diminish its moisture-inhibiting capabilities.
  • Do Not Use Excessive Heat When Washing Or Drying Your best bet is to machine wash cold and tumble dry low.
  • Wash Like Products Together Avoid washing your gear with coarse fabrics such as denim, cotton or apparel that has hardware (zippers, Velcro, etc.)